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Legal aid services are essential for individuals who cannot afford legal representation. In Jacksonville, FL, there are organizations that provide free or low-cost legal assistance to those in need. One of the most pieces of for seeking legal is the contact phone for organizations. Below, explore the contact for legal services in FL and the role play in the community.

Legal Organizations in FL

In several legal organizations offer to facing legal. These provide in such as law, domestic violence, immigration, and more. Here are of the legal in :

Organization Phone Number
Legal Jax 904-8371
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid 904-8371

The of Legal Services

Legal services play a role in that all have to legal representation, of their situation. These often serve populations who may to the system on their own. According to the Bar Association, legal providers help of individuals every year, their and fair under the law.


As who is about justice and access to representation, I am by the work of legal in . Knowing that are professionals and who are to providing to in is heartwarming. The of their extends beyond the they serve, to a and society for all.

Legal services are for who are complex legal. The of contact for these such as the legal FL phone, make a in with the they require. By awareness of these and the role play, we can that has to the support they need.

Legal Aid Jacksonville FL Contact Information Contract

This contract (“Contract”) is entered into by and between the parties identified as Legal Aid Jacksonville FL (“Legal Aid”) and the client seeking legal assistance (“Client”). Contract the and regarding the of Legal Jacksonville FL`s number and contact.

Clause Description
1. Legal Jacksonville FL Contact Legal Jacksonville FL to the Client with and contact information, phone, email, and office for the of legal assistance.
2. Client The agrees to the contact for the of legal from Legal Jacksonville FL. The shall share, or the contact provided by Legal Jacksonville FL.
3. Confidentiality Both agree to the of all contact under this . The personal and Legal Jacksonville FL`s contact shall be and for the outlined in this .
4. Legal The of contact by Legal Jacksonville FL not an relationship. The understands that legal and requires agreement and process with Legal Jacksonville FL.
5. Law This be by the of the of . Disputes out of to this be through in FL.
6. Entire This the between the with to the herein. Modifications or to this be in and by both parties.
7. Contact For regarding the contact by Legal Jacksonville FL, the may Legal Jacksonville FL`s during business hours.

Get the Legal Aid Jacksonville FL Phone Number: 10 Legal Questions Answered

Legal Question Answer
What is the phone for legal in FL? Hey there! The phone number for legal aid in Jacksonville FL is 1-800-643-7491. Provide free legal to individuals. Give them a call and they`ll be happy to help you out!
How do I for legal in FL? So, to for legal in FL, you need to have a income and certain criteria. The best way to find out if you qualify is to give them a call and chat with them about your situation. There to help!
Can legal in FL help with law cases? You bet! Legal in FL can help with law cases. Whether it`s child custody, divorce, or domestic violence issues, they have lawyers who are ready to assist you.
Do I need to for legal in FL? Nope, legal in FL free legal to who qualify. It`s a resource for who may be to a attorney.
What types of does legal in FL handle? Legal in FL a range of legal matters, housing issues, benefits, rights, and more. If you`re not sure if they can help with your case, just give them a ring!
Is there a limit for legal in FL? There`s no time limit, but it`s best to out as as you you may legal. The you them, the they can to on your case.
Can legal aid in Jacksonville FL represent me in court? Absolutely! Legal aid in Jacksonville FL has lawyers who can represent you in court if you meet their eligibility criteria. They`re to you the system.
What does legal in FL offer in? Good question! Legal in FL in English and they can for other as well. Barriers stop you from help!
Can I legal over the phone from legal in FL? Yes, you can get legal over the phone from legal in FL. It`s a way to the and you without to their office.
How can I legal in FL? If you to legal in FL, there are a ways to do so. You can donate, volunteer, or spread the word about the important work they do. Every bit helps!
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